Howard Newman, of Newman Adaptive, introduced his unique concept of fitness and nutrition in the work place in 1991. Howard is also the engineer of AlertSeat and AlertDesk.


AlertSeat Therapeutic Stability Ball Seating


AlertSeat Therapeutic Stability Ball Seating

Newman Adaptive is the manufacturing and marketing arm of Fitness on the Job, Inc, since 2006, providing services, products, programs and activities focused on wellness and productivity in the workplace.

Our goal, under the leadership of Howard Newman, is to provide products and services that will enhance workplace productivity and worker comfort and job satisfaction with well-designed US manufactured alternative business seating.

We are proud to present our AlertSeats as a cost effective office asset, maximizing the working potential of every employee and work group through unique alternative seating that enhances both personal comfort and productivity.

We look forward to working with you to improve seating comfort and satisfaction in your work setting.

You may contact us directly at:

Newman Adaptive
131 Welles Street
Forty Fort, PA. 18704
T: 800 640 4051
F: 570 718 0877